Practice Areas

Lazar & Co. Certified Public Accountants provides, among others, the following services : Payroll outsourcing services in Israel, Audit, Bookkeeping, Tax consulting, Outsourcing services in Israel, Corporate financing, Valuation, Representation at the Tax Authorities, Employment services, Entity set up and registration, Representation of foreign companies in Israel, etc.


The financial environment we live in is full of many rules and regulations which we are required to constantly follow. In addition, that same dynamic environment is subjected to massive reversals.



Lazar & Co, Certified Public Accountants, is a leading provider of payroll services and expert in local salary regulations. With our experience and consulting expertise, penetrating into Israel's market arena becomes simple and worthwhile.

Financial Advisory

The clients of the financial department enjoy personally accustomed solutions that are being given by a staff of specialists and are based on the relevant accounting standards and on complex financial modules, to assist both in the financial reports assembling and finding a suitable unique solution to the client’s action framework and the client's needs.

PEO Services


When your company operates with a PEO, you will continue to have control over your employees' roles and activities. The PEO assumes the responsibilities for their administration in terms of wages, tax, and benefits. The exact extent of the PEO’s responsibilities is agreed with the employer and laid out in the service agreement. The only interaction that an employee would routinely have with the PEO is the PEO's name appearing on their payslip each month or other HR-related paperwork.



Lazar & Co, C.P.A provides its clients various services, including bookkeeping and payroll services.

The firm grants these services to businesses that are obligated to both unilateral and bilateral registration. The firm provides payroll services to those amongst its clients who are employers and do not have the tools to manage it in-house.


The accounting profession in bounded by the accountancy law, which defines: “Accounting services- means examination, inspection or approval of every balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, Income and expenditure account, receipts accounts, payments and any other additional account that is secluded or will be secluded legally to an accountant, besides accounts management”.

Valuations and Professional Opinion

The firm’s team has a comprehensive experience performing Financial for various requirements. 

Amongst our offered services are analyzing and fair value estimate of public companies, for the following requirements: mergers and acquisition (M&A), tax purposes, estimations for legal purposes and due diligence.

VAT Representation

According to section 60 to the VAT law, a Permanent Establishment must appoint a local resident as its VAT representative.

Bussinessman in Modern Office
Business Plans

The department escorts and assists companies in different life stages (both new and experienced companies) in creating a business plan and assigned business modules that will improve its financial results.

Company Registration​​

All companies in Israel must register with The Registrar of Companies (Ministry of Justice) and the Tax Authorities (Ministry of Finance).

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