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Valuations and Professional Opinions

The firm’s team has a comprehensive experience performing Financial for various requirements. 

Amongst our offered services are analyzing and fair value estimate of public companies, for the following requirements: mergers and acquisition (M&A), tax purposes, estimations for legal purposes and due diligence.


One of the firm’s specialization fields is providing financial estimations for different needs

such as an expert witness’s opinion and opinion given for arbitration purposes.

An expert witness is a witness who provides a court with his expertise on a certain subject.

The expert witness is providing his objective opinion on the implications of the facts that were

exhibited in the courtroom.

As a general, an expert witness is called for claims that require specific professional expertise (as appose to legal expertise), that will use as a supporter for the judicial instance’s verdict. In claims dealing with financial / accountancy, both sides rely many times on an expert’s opinion; an accountant or an economist who holds the issue debated.

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