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The accounting profession inbounded by the accountancy law, which defines: “Accounting services- means examination, inspection or approval of every balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, Income and expenditure account, receipts accounts, payments and any other additional account that is secluded or will be secluded legally to an accountant, besides accounts management”.

The core of the accounting profession is in the audit field.


The audit services at Lazar & Co, C.P.A include:


* Assembling annual reports for companies, associations, non-profit organizations and independent groups.

* Analyzing the results of the business activity and relevant tax planning.

* Analyzing financial reports along with the company’s management formulating conclusions regarding

   the business development in the report’s year in comparison to the prior years.

* Assembling operational and management reports (costing, budget) profit centers.

* Escorting and consulting during the fiscal year.

* The accounts review process and the presentation of financial taxes that are subordinated to rules and regulations

   are under massive innovations and changes constantly. 

Our firm is always updated with new procedures so that the accounts review and the financial taxes presentation will follow those rules.

Often, a company’s management does not have the skills and qualifications to analyse and understand the financial reports. We follow our clients in the reports analysis process, understand them thoroughly and formulate the right conclusions following the analysis. This up-close service is added to the ongoing service.

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