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Lazar & Co, Certified Public Accountants, is a leading provider of payroll services and expert in local salary regulations. With our experience and consulting expertise, penetrating into Israel's market arena becomes simple and worthwhile.

No more dealing with never ending payroll administration; no need in keeping up-to-date with Israel's legal and HR requirements.

Our services ensure that your payroll needs are answered in the best possible way, enabling you to simplify processes and become more efficient and productive.


Whether opening new offices in Israel or expanding current business opportunities, organizations can benefit from our optimized and highly-reliable salary payroll services. 


We offer the added value of complete operational management activities, including assistance with employment, recruitment of employees, required reports and filing of forms. Our payroll services are targeted at any number of employees.

As the local leader in short term employments and managed projects, Lazar & Co Firm advanced payroll services enables employing local workers easily and cost-efficiently. 


Our dedicated team of specialists is available for providing immediate payroll services to your company,

guaranteeing that your employees are paid on time, and according to the accepted salary rates

and regulations.


When your employees feel secure with a reliable payroll system suited for their specific needs, 

you can truly remain 100% focused on your business.

Israel Payroll Options

Companies can decide between different payroll types, including:

  • Israel payroll outsourcing: Using PEO / EOR services is the only way to outsource both your payroll and your compliance. We will pay your employees and stay responsible for compliance.

  • Israel payroll processing company: Working with an Israel payroll processing company is a great way to outsource your payroll, but your company will still need to deal with compliance. If you still want to go through that option, we will issue your employees’ payslips.

  • Internal: Multinational and big enterprises may want to run their own internal payroll, especially if they plan to work in Israel for years. However, creating an internal payroll is usually costly.

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