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Lazar & Co, C.P.A provides its clients with various services, including bookkeeping and payroll services.

The firm grants these services to businesses that are obligated to both unilateral and bilateral registration. The firm provides payroll services to those amongst its clients who are employers and do not have the tools to manage it in-house.

Amongst our Firm's clients are Israeli businesses and international companies with Israeli local employees. In addition, the firm specializes in the improvement and optimization of bookkeeping departments, through an in-depth analysis and location of vulnerable points in the existing system. The Firm examines the current status while considering the business’s needs and assembles a more efficient alignment which will allow the business to use its improved bookkeeping department as a management tool that helps it make decisions in real time.

In many cases, occupying an in-house bookkeeper as a part of the business is not worthwhile and it is preferable that the job will be done by an outside source. In these cases, the professional level will be elevated, a continuous track will be made by an accountant and the bookkeeping itself will be highly executed with full attention to the professional aspects of it and its cost will be much lower than employing an in-house bookkeeper.


Within the bookkeeping and payroll services, the following services are given:

* Continuous bookkeeping for companies and individuals.
* Monthly or bi-monthly reports to different governmental institutions.
* Salary calculations and payroll production.
* Close escort and an ongoing consultation for efficiency and tax-saving needs.

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