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Business Plans

The department escorts and assists companies in different life stages (both new and experienced companies) in creating a business plan and assigned business modules that will improve its financial results.

The business plans are being assembled for various purposes and they serve as an internal management tool that assists the decision making process and the data display process to optional investors.

There is a number of critical turning points and the life of a business in which the

company’s management and its owner are facing the need to make decision which

will affect the future business aspects.


There are few cases in which this situation is possible, for instance: the desire to expand

the range of activity in certain markets, establish new companies in addition to the

existing business and/or expanding the range of services/products that the company provides.

Every management crew is aware of the fact that is has to define specific goals which he would like to

achieve and the way he would like to act in order to achieve them.


For the plans to be executed most efficiently and for it to be as fruitful as the original plan planned it to be; there has to be a strategic plan designed- which will be the business plan.

The business plan will include the idea that the company would like to execute courses of action, the barriers and obstacles the company might face along the way and various economic forecasts such as cash flow-charts, investments forecasts etc. This business plan allows the examination of the profitability of an action in an early stage as the planning stage.

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