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Who We Are

Principal Accountant


Matan Lazar, C.P.A. Co-CEO, M.A in business management (M.B.A) with specialization in finance, and B.A in business management, specialized in accountancy from the college of management. Matan is a licensed accountant and a member of the Institution of Certified Public Accountants in Israel (ICPAS).

Matan has great experience performing financial and accountancy projects. 


Matan has worked for several years in the audit department for the Somekh-Chaikin international accountants firm (KPMG). Within his work in the firm, Matan has gathered the audit records of large public companies required to international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and the American generally excepted accounting principles (US GAAP). Matan was previously a controller at one of the large leasing companies in Israel. Currently, Matan keeps collaborating with the company, as an external advisor.

Matan is a member of the academic staff of the business school in the College Of Management.

Our Firm

Our Firm provides a range of services in Israel, including payroll services, accounting services, bookkeeping, tax consulting, auditing, etc.

We have the ability to provide services for potential clients who would prefer to outsource their mentioned above (one or more) services to a local subcontractor in Israel.


As for now, our Firm provides services as mentioned above to many overseas clients which have local activity in Israel (legal entities, subsidiaries, withholding tax file, permanent establishments, etc.).

We are aware of the high standards formal requirements in Israel and therefore, any information your clients will need, we will be able to provide.


Lazar&Co, C.P.A (Israel) is an accountant Firm. The office is located in the main business district in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Our Firm’s services include:

·         Representation of foreign companies before the tax authorities in Israel, such as Income    
          Tax, Value Added Tax, National Insurance, etc.

·         Obtaining tax arrangements before starting operations (‘a pre-ruling’), obtaining tax benefits,

·         Supervision of the business operations of the foreign entity in Israel vis-à-vis various local
          parties, including business and strategic partners, suppliers, banks, financial institutions and
          the various State authorities.

·         Providing accounting and auditing services and actually keeping the representation’s books.

·         Assistance in choosing consultants where needed – attorneys, insurance agents, various
          suppliers, setting up IT systems, etc.

·         Support in all operational and logistic matters.

·         Dealing with payroll and special salary arrangements.

·         Business and economic services for the foreign corporation in its general dealings in Israel,
          carrying out various economic works (appraisals, due diligences, PPA, etc.), strategic        
planning and assistance in business development in Israel and abroad.


We give advisory by using expert accountant knowledge.

The value for the clients is that they only have to deal with a single point of contact who is knowledgeable in cross border matters.

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