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Application for a permit to employ a foreign "expert" employee



The approval of the application will be approved at the sole discretion of the Commissioner, after taking into account, inter alia, the International commitments of the State of Israel, government decisions, and the characteristics of the labor market.

The following types of foreign workers for which you can apply for a working permit:

  • Foreign experts - a request to employ foreign nationals with a high knowledge level of expertise, or knowledge and unique service that its employer provides and does not exist in Israel; and the monthly salary of the foreign expert is not less than twice of the Israeli average wage per employee.
    Regarding Foreign experts in different sectors (including sectors which the paid salary is higher than the average salary), the Commissioner may decide to provide a work permit under a commitment to pay higher wages than foregoing, in its sole discretion.


  • Director, senior representative or employee of a foreign company or international company - a request submitted by a foreign or international company (such as a local branch, subsidiary or sister company of a foreign company) to employ a foreign citizen as a director, senior representative or a senior employee which requires a personal trust.

    Manager- "Manager" is "a person directing or determining the objectives of the organization
    or department in the organization, and holds a senior position which responsible for operations
    through its supervision, control, authority to employ and dismiss employees or recommend on
    other activities which related to manpower ".

    Representative or senior employee – a foreign employer cannot employ more than two
    employees who use as foreign representatives or senior employees.


      3. A senior staff member in an airline or a foreign shipping company - a request from a foreign
          airline company or a shipping company to employ a foreign senior staff in accordance with the
          international commitments of the State of Israel.


      4. Lecturer or researcher of higher education institution - a request from a higher education institution
          to employ a lecturer or researcher.


      5.  Intern medicine worker or hospital specialist  - Request submitted by a hospital for employing a doctor or a nurse as 
           part of educational training, or employment of a specialist at the hospital, on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health.

      6.  A foreign artist - It should be noted that permits for foreign artists will be given usually to employ reputable artists or higher
          degree internationally renowned in their fields, and for short periods of three months or less, as required for the purpose of
          the performance he/she was invited, subject to the discretion of the Commissioner. The request must be accompanied by a
          certificate attesting to the reputation of the artist and details of the concert he/she is invited to. The Commissioner may
          transfer the requests for an opinion to the Israeli Artists Association.

      7.  A foreign citizen assigned for a task for a period not longer than 3 months - Employing a foreign citizen shall be
          permitted only on special occasions, such as when there is a specific need for the employment of foreign technicians for a
          short period in order to install a machine imported from abroad.

      8.  Special regulations apply in the following cases:  

  • Diamond merchants - The request shall be submitted only through the Commissioner of diamonds at the Ministry of Industry.

  • Foreign Photographer or foreign correspondent- The request will be submitted via the Government Press Office only and is subject to a special procedure.

  • Spouse, child or a supported family member of diplomatic or consular personnel of a foreign state- The request is made through the Protocol Department of the Foreign Ministry only.

  • Professional Growth
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