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Instructions for an application form
  1. The authorized representative of the employer/applicant shall sign the declaration form, depending on the application, and his signature will be verified by a lawyer.

  2. An attorney or CPA will confirm that the representative who signed the affidavit is authorized to obligate the employer/applicant signature.

  3. The application must include original documents or authenticated by an attorney or CPA as follows:

    A. A certification which includes the details of the company that employs, from the registrar of companies/partnerships, business     
        licensing, accordingly.
    B. Local entity: a true copy certified by a CPA or attorney of 102 forms which were submitted to the NII during the last three
    C. CV and certificates attesting to education, experience, reputation in the employment of foreign expert. Documents that are not  
        English/Hebrew must be translated into Hebrew with a notarized.
    D. In an event which the applicant is a foreign company without a branch in Israel - a legal power of attorney authorizing the
        applicant to process the request on behalf of the employer.
    E. Local company: An approval from the company's auditor which states that the company is registered and active and that a going
        concern attention is not included in its financial reports.
    F. Reasoned explanation letter (printed) on the need for employment of foreign specialist and documentation supporting the claims
       made in the letter.

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