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The financial environment we live in is full of many rules and regulations which we are required to constantly follow. In addition, that same dynamic environment is subject to massive reversals.

Lazar & Co CPA is constantly up-to-date regarding the changes in the various relevant laws and is accordingly responding to them in accordance with the given service. The firm sees it as a top priority to examine every business step its client takes, which can project on its tax liabilities.

Lazar & Co, CPA provides an individual tax consultancy, on a case by case basis, all the while aiming to optimally fulfill the tax benefits allowed by law.

Tax consultancy is being given regularly all year long while closely escorting the client in every step that might affect his tax liabilities. A special emphasis is given before major deals - Legitimate tax planning of transactions, including reorganization, such as: mergers, split-ups, transfer of assets, liquidations, and remuneration plans, etc.

The firm will prepare its clients in advance for the different tax events all in accordance with the law, all in order to save or postpone tax payments.

The firm also arranges meetings towards the end of the tax year with its different clients in order to maximize as many tax benefits as they can use in it.


The tax services also include:


* Handling requests for tax "pre ruling" and conducting negotiations with the

   Tax Authorities regarding the “tax status” of various transactions.

* Representing clients before the Tax Authorities, wherever permitted under any law.

* Assistance in the preparation of tax returns.

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